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Masquerade Rarity in Human Manga by ringlerzach Masquerade Rarity in Human Manga :iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 0 0
Dusk's New Life - 1 - Interdimensional Meeting
    It was dark in Pony Ville.
    All the ponies were asleep in their beds, and had been for quite some time.
    Only one pony was awake.
    He was a velvet stallion alicorn.
    Prince Dusk Shine was doing some late night research.
    The number of empty ink bottle and broken quills showed that he had been writing a lot.
    Dusk stopped writing and looked closely at his work.
    "Yes!" He exclaimed in excitement. "I finally got the proper equation for an interdimensional travel spell that also freezes time in the caster's Home Dimension."
    Ding! Ding!
The clock on Dusk's study wall had just sounded to show two o'clock in the morning.
    "Whoa!" Dusk exclaimed in surprise, quieter that before. "I've been at this for fourteen-and-a-half hours. Solaris will be raising the sun soon, to start th
:iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 1 0
Kung Fu Panda 4 - Dark Power - 01
Jade Palace training hall
It was a normal day in the Jade Palace training hall. Po, the Dragon Warrior, and the Furious Five were all training. Po was being himself and joking around.
"Hey, Monkey, check this out." Po said.
"This I've got to hear." Monkey said laughing.
Po cleared his throat.
"Tigress will no longer be able to do kung fu." Po said in a false voice of Shifu, without thinking.
Tigress hit Po so hard that he flew into a wall of the training hall.
"Po!" Tigress yelled angrily
Po got up and glared at Tigress. He then walks to the training hall entrance. Once he got to the entrance, he kicked the door right off the hinges.
"Did he just. . . glare at you?" Viper asked Tigress.
"I don't know." Tigress answered.
"Whoa." Mantis said. "I've never seen Po that mad before."
Master Shifu's room
In Master Shifu's room, Po is complaining to Shifu about Tigress.
"I am sick and tired of her anger!" Po yell
:iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 2 3
Kung Fu Panda 4: The Tree People - 01
"Po!" I heard Master Shifu call my name, somewhere below me. "Po, where are you?"
I tried to move but remembered that I was bound with rope so I couldn't.
"I'm here!" I croaked.
"Shh!" I heard Sifu tell the five.
"I'm up here!" I croaked.
The darkness was unsettling.
"There!" I heard Tigress cry out.
"How did he get up there?" Shifu asked.
Then I remembered that I was in a tree.
I groaned in pain.
"Please." I croaked, crying. "Get me down from here!"
"Tigress, Crane, go!" Shifu said.
"Don't worry, Po." i heard crane say, something to my left. "We'll get you down."
"I heard the rope snap, then felt a falling sensation.
I then felt Tigress catch me.
"I gotcha, Po." Tigress said soothingly. "I gotcha."
"What's wrong with his arm?" Monkey asked.
I felt Shifu touch my left arm, then a sting of pain shot through my body.
I cried out in pain, then started to cry.
"His arm is broken." Shifu said.
I was still crying.
"Shh. Shh." Tigress tried soothing me.
"Let's get him back to the Ja
:iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 6 7
Mature content
Tigress' Hero :iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 7 5
Percy-Jackson-the-Olympians-movie-percy-jackson-an by ringlerzach Percy-Jackson-the-Olympians-movie-percy-jackson-an :iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 0 0
KFP 3 - 02 - The Nightmare
the barracks - night
I (Po) got in bed and fell asleep instantly.
In my dream, I saw Tai Long.
"Tai Long?" I asked. "I thought I killed you already."
"I don't stay dead long!" He yelled.
He moved with amazing speed.
When he punched me I flew back into a wall.
"Okay." I said. "That hurt."
Then I heard Lord Shen.
Shen landed next to Tai Long.
"We are stronger than ever!" Shen yelled.
The two of them came at me at top speed, and, right before I got impaled by Shen's sword, I woke up.
I was panting and sweating.
Master Shifu was standing next to my bed.
"Po, can you please not disturb-"
Then he saw me looking afraid.
"What's wrong, Po?"
"Just a nightmare." I replied.
"About what?"
I sighed.
"Master, can the dead come back to life?" I asked.
"Unfortunately, yes. Why do you ask?" Shifu said.
"My nightmare was probably a vision of Shen and Tai Long . . . coming back to
:iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 5 5
KFP 3 - 01 - Love for Tigress
the barracks - noon
"Po..." Master shifu said. "Po... PO!"
I (Po) startled awake.
I looked over at Master Shifu.
"What's wrong, master?" I asked him.
"You tell me. You were asleep for most of the day." Shifu said. "Everyone is already out training."
"I guess I haven't  been sleeping well, master." I told him.
"What could possibally keep the dragon warrior awake?!" Shifu laughed.
I was a little embaresed to answer that, but thankfully I didn't have to. My stomache growled.
"Well, Before you eat, Panda, I need you to go fetch Master Tigress for me." Shifu said.
"Where is she?" I asked.
"Training with Monkey in the palace garden." Shifu answered.
palace gardens
When I got to the spot where, Monkey and Tigress were training, they wre sitting down.
That's when I heard the conversation.
"So uh... Tigress. Do you ... um, like Po?" Monkey asked.
I quickly hid behind
:iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 7 0
Tigress tries to clay mode Po by ringlerzach Tigress tries to clay mode Po :iconringlerzach:ringlerzach 3 7


21. Kung Fu Panda - The Path Of The Rising Sun Pt1
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter  21. The Path Of The Rising Sun. (Part 1 of 2)

The Jade Palace's Barracks - The next morning at Dawn.

It was finally morning, and the path of the rising Sun shown a deep red as it rose in the distance. The clouds in the sky became pretty reds and pinks in the new day.
Master Crane, who often did Tai Chi was slowly waking up from having a late night like the rest of us, considered going to his most favourite spot. After hearing what had happened at the Village of Oi Fuji Un, the description what was seen inside the building used for storage now contained, and what happened to poor Ho Chong after pushing Oslo Kretch out of the way made Crane think about Master Tigress's adopted daughter Liu Zhang to tag along with him.
After making himself decent and trying not to make any noise what so ever, made way to Tigress's room where Master Viper laid fast asleep under her blanket, with mum and daughter still fast asleep. Crane, again trying n
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 15 58
20. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Death Race. (Part 1 of 2)
TITLE: 20. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Death Race. (Part 1 of 2)

The Jade Palace's Barracks - The next morning.

"Good morning Master Shifu!" Everyone said in perfect unison.
"Good morning students!" Shifu replied. It felt Po not being here, but not because of him being at his dad's, Mr. Ping's, but because I (Tigress) needed his advice.
Before I could get anybodies attention, they had left to go towards the kitchen for breakfast. I was left with a child who wanted vengeance for the death of her friends, and I wanted Jin Chow's head for the attack on my childhood home, the Bao Gu Orphanage.
After what Onslo had told me about these Red Dragon Restaurants that are popping all over China, my mind became unfocused on what I should do next, and knowing how I felt during the destruction of my childhood home I knew other villages had fallen too.
I had that feeling of insecurity over my adopted daughter Liu Zhang, more because of how much she wanted to be adopted by one of the Furious Fiv
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 9 19
19. Kung Fu Panda 3 - I Made A Wish... Part 1 of 2
TITLE: 19. Kung Fu Panda 3 - "I Made A Wish... And You Came True!" (Part 1 of 2)

The Jade Palace's Barracks - The same night.

Everyone was sleeping peacefully. 13 year-old Liu Zhang was fast asleep in my room, and I (Tigress) was finally able to sleep much better than before since after the attack on the Bao Gu Orphanage.
Before I had even adopted Liu, most of my dreams and nightmares seemed to disappear. But after the attack and trying to rescue people, I couldn't get it out of my head. I could see me being a cute little cub with my dad Shifu training me. I finally was able to have new friends which didn't last that long because they were adopted and not me, but I got new friends. Then I'm older going back to see and find out why I was orphaned and to help find my Inner Peace from Po's advice from him being at his home village after Lord Shen's attack.
Having a few friends at childhood, I got carried away and messed about with the other children at the orphanage and be
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 6 42
18. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Liu Zhang. (Part 2)
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 18: Liu Zhang. (Part 2 of 2)

The Jade Palace's Barracks.

We all knew that today of all days seemed like a dream to Liu, and not wanting to wake up. As we all walked up the stairs with Liu Zhang being in front and me behind her, she was incredibly excited and thrilled that she'd be sleeping in the same accommodation as the legendary Furious Five and The Dragon Warrior, Po Ping.
Each of the Five showed Liu their rooms. Even though the children had already seen alot of stuff at the Jade Palace, including the barracks on Childrens Day special days, Liu couldn't help but to walk in each ones room, just to study who had what in their rooms. But when it came to mine, Master Tigress's room... Liu was astounded.
Liu had instantly noticed the Furious Five and Dragon Warrior figurings on top of the chest of drawers. They resembled the shelf at the orphanage with the figurings on top, apart from Po's. There were two beds, mine on the left, Liu's on
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 6 10
18. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Liu Zhang. (Part 1)
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 18: Liu Zhang. (Part 1 of 2)

The Jade Palace’s Barracks - Early morning before the gong.

I (Tigress) slowly opened my eyes and stretched in my bed as I woke up. Our rooms facing the rising sun glowed in reds, amber, then brighter. My room at the moment was a deep red as I looked towards the door that was firmly closed. I did this so I could find out when it was time to get up and ready, and luckily it wasn't that time. I then looked round my room glowing red. The figurings were standing on the drawers, the spare bed for Liu was immaculately kept, and I still felt guilty on Po because I lashed out at him, and he'd done nothing wrong! I still couldn't get Jin Chow out of my head, but because of the thoughts of Liu Zhang clouded my vision of my hatred of him, and thus helped to control my anger and myself.
I didn't know if I went to bed early from getting up incredibly early because I was fuming, or at the normal time which was a bit
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 8 26
17. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Natural Born Predator.
TITLE: 17. Kung Fu Panda - Natural Born Predator.

The Jade Palace's Barracks - Very early morning way before dawn.

Whilst I (Tigress) tossed and turned in bed, all I could think off was Jin Chow. I then started thinking about my childhood, being adopted my dad Master Shifu, going back to the orphanage and befriending the 13 year-old Liu Zhang, wanting to adopt her... And then going back to adopt her, only to see my childhood home destroyed and new friends die in front of me!
I ended up looking up at the ceiling. The other masters all fast asleep, and I probably knew there would be a gong being struck in a while. I wanted to go back to sleep. I had a really early night because I felt so damn angry over the last two days of what had happened! What fueled my aggression was that it was the same place I grew up and made new friends when I hardly had any as a cub. Going back I made more because I felt young again being back there with dad, then seeing it burn and people dying!
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 9 26
16. Kung Fu Panda - In Loving Memory.
TITLE: 16. Kung Fu Panda - In Loving Memory.

The Jade Palace's Barracks - Morning.

It was going to be a day we'd all been hoping was all a nightmare. None of us who lived at the Bao Gu Orphanage would want to remember, especially when you're there when a sick asshole decides to obliterate a orphanage just because the coward was scared of a rebellion!
He'd soon get one from every corner!
I (Tigress) woke up fuming just knowing what me, Bao Gu, a few matrons, probably the Furious Five if no bandits show up today would have to do... Burying the matrons and children.
"Good morning master!" We all said in perfect unison. I said it in a low growl.
Po, who was still with us, and everyone else tried calming me down the best they could! They all knew what I'm more than capable off when something makes me enraged. But all they could do was nothing, just let me continue on what I felt like I had to do, and what I thought was right.
I made my bed, made sure my room was tidy, and made
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 23 31
15. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Tears of the Sky.
TITLE: 15. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Tears of the Sky.

The Jade Palace's Barracks - Later that same night.

After looking towards my (Tigress) transformed bedroom, everyone left and went back to the kitchen. I stayed behind. I couldn't help but look towards the Furious Five's on top of my chest of drawers, they were reminding me of when I saw them at the Bao Gu Orphanage with Liu Zhang looking at them and back at me.
"She'll be all right Tigress, don't worry!" Oogway said in my mind.
"How the hell can I? She's trapped and I'm here!" I said, now being across between growling and sobbing simultaneously.
"Like Bao Gu said, she's a warrior! A born survivor!" Oogway said. This didn't make me feel any different.
"I'm here, in a safe and controlled environment... Liu is in hell, alone, fire raging around her, smoke around her... AND YOU'RE TELLING ME NOT TO WORRY?!" I said, fuming and wanting to murder someone.
"...Yes!" Oogway said after a long pause.
"How actually?" I replied, now slig
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 23 31
14. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Age of Innocence.
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 14: Age of Innocence.
Contains scenes of disturbing nature. Violence and gore, people dying / suffering.
May be unsuitable for young readers, but I'll try and make it not so.

The Jade Palace's Barracks - Morning.

When I (Tigress) awoke the next morning, I couldn't help but feel really excited about adopting Liu. When I slowly woke up, I gazed into my room as I stayed in bed, hoping to sneak a few more minutes before presenting ourselves to my dad, Master Shifu. There was more than enough room for another bed, and hopefully just about enough for a chest of drawers or wardrobe for her clothes or for both to share one.
There was no gong! There was no dad, there were the Furious Five standing by the doors waiting to present themselves to Master Shifu... But nothing happened!
For a few seconds the Five stood inside, not before opening them to peak outside. Each one of us were peeping, including Po who was staying with us for four days
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 13 36
13. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Bartering with Death.
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 13: Bartering with Death.

Port of Sou Ni Yon - China.

Whilst everyone at the Valley of Peace was having fun, Tigress's Inner Peace with her dad, and the thoughts of adopting Liu Zhang were going through her head, the new Emperor of Japan, Jin Chow was unloading priceless material at the port of Sou Ni Yon in China.
Before transcending on his plans to China, Jin had hired translators for him to be heard, but also had also was learning to speak Chinese... At an alarming rate! His goods were priceless golds, jewels of murdered members in power, the finest silks, cloth, weapons, armour, slaves, and the ambition to slowly make China powerless by taking away its generals. Red Dragon restaurants would appear in villages at first, but without the usual secret ingredients Jin Chow had concocted.
He'd appear as a noble leader, wanting to form an alliance with China's finest generals. Emperor Jin Chow would show them what his men were capable of in f
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 10 20
12. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Seven Days Later.
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 12: Seven days later...

Mr. Ping's Dragon Warrior and Tofu Emporium - The next morning.

Mr. Ping's Dragon Warrior and Tofu Emporium - The next morning.

Just when Po started to awaken from the land of sleep, his sleepy eyes slowly started to gaze to see a very tired female tiger sleeping on the floor. She wasn't even purring or snoring, just in a very deep sleep.
Po then got out of bed, trying not to kick or fall over the tiger as he got himself ready. Mr. Ping was also heard next door waking up incredibly late to him, but this time... He didn't really care!
The two of them then said good morning to each other, went downstairs, and started to prepare breakfast for themselves and Tigress, and meals for the customers.
"How is your friend?" Mr. Ping asked as Po pulled out a basket of radishes to chop.The shutter was partially open, just enough to still say the place was closed, and enough to let light through.
"She's still restin
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 19 27
11. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Inner Peace.
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 11: Inner Peace.

The Bao Gu Orphanage - The third day.
Liu's and Tigress's room.

As I (Tigress) laid in bed staring up at the ceiling, all I could think about was yesterday's event of my dad and my friends turning up at the orphanage. I was incredibly excited at the thought of them coming. Liu who was also staring up at the ceiling, was incredibly excited to see her biggest fans, and to be sharing her room with one of them, Master Tigress.
"When you eventually go today... TAKE ME WITH YOU!" Liu said excitedly.
"I'd love too Liu, but I don't think I'll be able to as my work can be deadly! What happens if I adopt you, and something happens to me later on?" I said, trying to disperse the idea and nice thought from Liu's cute little head.
"Then the rest of the Five and teach me better Kung Fu, and I'll avenge your death! To train amongst the Five... Ooh!"
"I can't win, can I Liu?" I said. Obviously trying to persuade Liu was hopeless.
"Nah! I'
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 31 13
10. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Parents Day.
10. Kung Fu Panda 3 - "Parents Day!"

The Bao Gu Orphanage - The next morning.
Liu's and Tigress's room.

After oversleeping and not having to wake up at the crack of dawn, I (Tigress) slowly opened my eyes and looked out into the room. It took me a while to figure out where I was and why. I then looked up towards the top bed and saw Liu's tail and arm dangle from the side of her bed.
I then slowly and quietly crept out of bed and made it, got dressed in my red top, black trousers and sandals, and quietly made my way out of the room, closing the door behind me. I then went outside of the orphanage on to the grass field and performed Tai Chi. The warmish gentle breeze brushed against my fur as I relaxed. It was ever so peaceful. There was not a single gong to be heard from the Jade Palace, Shifu and Oogway weren't there to train us every day, nor did we have to do any chores as I thought about home. Instead, I only thought where it all began.
Shortly afterwards, I returned t
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 31 74
09. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Meanwhile at the Jade Palace
TITLE - Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 09: Meanwhile at the Jade Palace...

Continued from Chapter 06. Father & Daughter... And Inner Peace.
Jade Palace: Training Hall.

Whilst Master Shifu took Tigress off to the Bao Gu Orphanage where she grew up, The rest of the Five, Dragon Warrior Po and Mr, Ping, and the spirit of Grandmaster Oogway were charged with the training of the wolves and the wolf cubs.
To the Five, it was like a mission or training exercise that Shifu and a student did on occasions when they went out. For Po, a chance to do stuff without Shifu watching over him.
None of the Five ever actually admitted when Shifu was gone, that the Five could all do what they wanted to do. Jade Palace had the feeling of control when Shifu was around, and that was lifted when he wasn't. A feeling of relaxation was in the air during that period, but everyone was still very concerned for each other, and for their master Shifu when not at the palace.
"So, what do we do now?" Crane ask
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 14 31
08. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Jin Chow.
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 08. Jin Chow.

Japan - The Temple of Hope.

Jin Chow, the cannibalistic and sadistic black panther, commander in death and the new emperor of Japan had his eyes full in his dark desire of power and authority. He'd harm anyone who'd question his methods in anything in what he ordered to do, and the way it was carried out.
Jin was driven by a lust of power and didn't like to be bossed around in what he considered right. In order to protect Japan, he'd have decapitated heads on polls... His emperor would just fight to the death, unless terms were agreed upon. Jin Chow had no terms.
Jin Chow loved Japan, and would do anything to protect it. Which is why when the emperor, Sao Yin ordered his removal by the same means Jin left prisoners, Jin felt betrayed. He loved the emperor, he loved Japan. This was something he often thought of, and sometimes regretted murdering the emperor in cold blood in love for his country in which Jin helped protect.
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 13 4
07. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Homecoming.
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 07. Homecoming.

The woods of the howling wind.

While Shifu and I (Tigress) were walking through woods of the howling wind, I looked down at Shifu whom appeared to be in deep thought.
“Whats wrong master?” I asked as we continued walking, adjusting the pack which seemed to be getting heavier by the minute.
“Oh! Er, nothing Tigress, it seems like only yesterday that I was here.” Shifu said. I couldn’t figure out how but it was obvious.
“You were only little when I first saw you, and about the same height as me... Now look at you, towering over me!” Shifu said as we laughed.
“Yeah, I’ve grown! You have been teaching me since I was little, it does seem odd I must admit.” I said. Shifu smiled.
“Those were the days. Don’t seem that long ago that Tai Lung was just a little cub thinking back on it. I must be getting old.” Shifu said as I lightly giggled.
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 45 47



Hey, guys, I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a Yugioh Story RP with me. OC's and Canon characters alowed. any generation because all generations will be fetured in the story.

Please tell me what you think.


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